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Level Up Your Style Sustainably with Eco-Friendly TWIMC Shoes and Bags

These days, as we learn more about the impact of clothes on our planet, we, as TWIMC, are dedicating ourselves to the field of sustainable fashion. While we produce timeless and unique pieces, we are aware of how unique our world is and together we can create a better future. How about taking a look at what we pay attention to when creating our sustainable shoe and bag collections? You can take a look at our sustainable bag model now!

Sustainable and Timeless Pieces

At TWIMC, we take great care in choosing real leather and natural materials for each of our pieces. We create sustainable stories by using our materials in our reproduction. While we care about the beauty of our designs, we also respect the world. Our creation process focuses on producing pieces that not only reflect the latest trends but are also durable and timeless.

In addition, one of the essential elements of sustainable fashion is minimizing waste and ensuring circularity in every field. Fast fashion is one of the biggest reasons for the production of more waste in both shoe clothing and bags. Choosing timeless pieces that you can use every season, choosing slow fashion and shopping from these brands will help reduce clothing waste in the world.

We care about the quality of our products and produce each part for long-lasting use. In this way, we create less carbon footprint and less waste. As a sustainable fashion brand, we strive to make our world a greener place. In order to leave our planet to future generations, it is very important to protect it and encourage our children to do the same. For these reasons, we believe in the necessity of enlightening them about sustainability and helping them make sustainable choices. Let’s take a look at the children’s boots and children’s sneakers in our collection! Making sustainable changes in the shoes that children wear and explaining the importance of this to children will be a big step towards protecting the future of our world.

Empowering Communities: Our Commitment to Ethical Practices

Ethical production practices are one of the main areas of sustainability, as well as ethical material selection. It is of great importance for us that ethical rules are implemented for both our suppliers and our team. We only work with suppliers with Compliance Certification and ensure that every employee in the production process is treated ethically. We make sure that every environment created, from the creation of our products to their presentation to you, is created in accordance with ethical rules. Creating these ethical working environments allows us to continue our production of sustainable bags and sustainable shoe models.

Conscious Packaging in our Sustainable Journey

As a sustainable brand, we are aware that packaging is one of the stages that generates the most waste. For this reason, we pay attention to the quantity and main ingredient of our packaging materials. It is very important for us that the materials we use are compatible with nature and recyclable. In this way, we prevent packaging materials from eventually accumulating in large landfills. The importance we attach to packaging in order to best fulfill sustainability, one of the greatest values of our brand, will enable us to leave a sustainable world to future generations.

Sustainable Tanning Methods

At TWIMC, we collaborate with LWG-certified tanneries, guaranteeing that our operations align with eco-friendly standards. This certification focuses on two parameters. The first is how the leather to be used is produced, and the second is the inputs used to produce this leather.

We support sustainable production by implementing slow fashion values in our brand. We produce timeless and unique sustainable boots, sneakers and bags by reducing our waste. Now is the perfect time to support sustainable fashion. Check out our sustainable women’s sneakers!

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