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As TWIMC, we take care to keep up with this active and fast life of children, who move from the playground to the classroom, from the streets to the parks. While we make sure that our children’s shoes are comfortable and durable, we also give them room to reflect their personalities. With our special slogans and color options, our shoes not only provide physical support but also aim to support children’s individuality. Let’s explore our colorful and unique collection of children’s shoes and more.

Comfort and Durability in Children’s Shoes

One of the most important features of a good pair of children’s sneakers and boots is that they are comfortable enough to support their mobile nature and are resistant to all conditions. As we all know, children’s feet, which are in the process of development, need appropriate support and stability during these years of active life. It is normal for every child to run around throughout the day with their unlimited energy and constant desire to play. For this reason, one of the factors taken into consideration in children’s footwear is their durability. We use real leather materials, prioritizing the durability of our products. All our shoes are handmade with natural dyes and 100% responsibly sourced leather. Each piece is made slowly, with care and attention to detail. We prepare our shoes with care and see them as lifelong treasures that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Comfort and durability are also at the forefront in children’s boots. TWIMC boots are designed so that children can wear them comfortably and keep their feet dry in all outdoor activities and in all weather conditions, from wandering in the forests to jumping in puddles. Thanks to waterproof leather and strong handmade stitching, we combined high quality and luxury with comfort and fun. Our handcrafted footwear & accessories will adapt to all environments, from muddy areas to indoors, and will accompany children’s countless adventures with the support they provide. So lace up your boots and watch your child set off on countless outdoor adventures, rejoicing in the safety of exploring the world.

All our children’s shoes are designed to suit both girls and boys. Take a look at these khaki colored boots that look rebellious and cool, but also provide comfort and protection.

More Than Just Shoes: Kids’ Footwear Fuels Creative Self-Expression!

As TWIMC, our philosophy is to see the beauty in imperfections and celebrate each person’s personality and authenticity. Each of our designs is created to empower you to express yourself and appreciate all your unique characteristics. Apart from being just a brand, we create a platform that cares about your individual style.

We are aware of how important it is for children to express themselves for their personal development from an early age. With the slogans we create, we offer an area where children can make their own choices in shoes and show the ideas they believe in. They can choose the slogan they want on both children’s boots and children’s sneakers and use it as an accessory on their shoes. Each of these slogans tells different stories and helps you make a statement through fashion. These slogans consist of labels named Just Play, Make Mistakes, Suck School, Fear Nothing and Wake Up.

The Just Play label is actually about a mindset that many children can get support from in their learning and development process. Classical education given in a competitive environment can put great pressure on children. This form of education, which undermines the natural learning process, makes it more difficult to play and develop. Why don’t we instead create an educational process that liberates children from social pressures and helps them find themselves? Allowing them to play for their development and distracting them from focusing only on exams will help them grow well-rounded people. Seeing this label on a children’s sneakers like our model below shows that a better world is possible for children’s future.

While we are talking about the Make Mistakes tag, we would like to share with you this beautiful quote from the French writer Anais Nin. “Experiment with your life. You will make mistakes. And they are right too.” As he said, mistakes are actually our truths because they are a part of our natural life. Any person of any age can make mistakes at any time. What could be more natural than this? Because making mistakes is part of learning and growing. Instead of advising children not to make mistakes, we should show them that mistakes can exist and that making mistakes is not a major failure but a normal situation on the path to success. In this way, we liberate them and help their personal development by allowing them to use their creativity.

Check out our other slogans, the philosophies they describe and more on our website now!

In other words, we believe that expressing our ideas openly and sharing our thoughts without fear will give children the courage to express themselves. When your child is choosing his shoes, you can explain the meaning of the labels to him and exchange ideas on the slogan. We believe that this conversation will help you get to know each other better and establish deep bonds.

TWIMC designs are created as a means of telling self-expressive, unique stories by going beyond traditional fashion. As Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” So, the important thing is not to destroy our children’s innate creativity with our pressures and not to make them forget the talents they have.

Discover Our children’s shoe collection that allows them to express themselves now and join our community!

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